Massage from HELL!!!

It was excruciatingly painful …. I jumped off the bed and ran towards the door shouting “aunty Please !!!”. Now I get a full picture of what babies go through during bath and massage …. My Lawd!!!

I looked forward to my massage with so much expectation. I day dreamed and even silivated about it. I imagined what it  would feel like having someone’s hands over my joints and muscles , inflicting that sweet pain you understand na. Unknown to me that the masseuse had planned with my village people to deal with my life.

Initially I booked for Swiss massage but unfortunately, she wasn’t doing justice at all to the pain I felt. She was just robbing ororo on my body and strobbing up and down . I was frustrated .” Please can you apply more pressure to that area? ” , ” why not go for deep tissue ma , it will tend to all those stiff muscles very well.” OK “, I replied.

“Gbam!” That was the sound she made when she landed on the bed sitting on my back😣😣😣.” Ewooo, please please be careful, stop o! Ok don’t worry I won’t do again ” . I lamented like a common bush village girl, all my weaves accounted for nothing. The bini geh in me came out with much ease. She much be the daughter of a native doctor I thought to my self. I felt my bones aligning in total surrender …. She wringed my whole body like wet towel, I almost passed out. This was meant to be a massage , I expected pain but not to this extent now !!! Kilode! She gave me a footballers massage …

I jumped off the bed begging for mercy with the towel round my chest , this babe chased me like a farmer chasing chicken…. hmmm, it was indeed a massage from hell. I slept for one hour on the bed STIFF after she finished . Free at last!. I limped for one whole week I tell you.

Na wa, no shade but those people need to get more professionals ahah, it was like a native doctors place self and to think it’s located in lekki , it is well o…

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Doctor poo poo!!! I want to poo poo. I peeked into the Labour ward , she was tossing and turning, kneeling down and standing up, jumping on the bed and screeming. My heart sunk in fear but I was calm in the midst of it all . I knew she would be fine, I knew we would laugh in the end but I just didn’t know when….

I sang praises to God , at some point i almost didn’t believe my own lyrics loll, but I just knew I had no option than to praise God . I kept my eyes on the price, my beautiful niece….I imagined baby sitting her, I imagined playing and making funny faces, I imagined attending her wedding in my regalia , then my hope came alive again. She continued screeming ranging from high soprano to bass 😅it wasn’t funny at all.

Suddenly the screeming stopped. “Wassapun I said to my self “. ” She has given birth ” the nurse said… The feeling was unexplainable, I forgot all the screams , I couldn’t remember the sound of her shouts, it was all forgotten in the past! As her heard her cry my heart sunk in joy …. IT WAS ALL WORTH THE WAIT!

We all go through that phase in life where it seems the pain will never end, where it feels dark and slippery. God is too faithful to fail. He will hold your position through your transition and bring his purpose to pass in your life! We all have our waiting rooms. What are you doing in yours? Are you complaining, whining , cursing and nagging? Or are you filled with expectations and praises? He is a rewarder and he will never fail! He comes through in the nick of time .


Walk of shame…

BOB010216_3563755b (1)

I bowed my head in shame as I walked into the kitchen……

I hurriedly left the house on Saturday morning to attend the women’s breakfast meeting in church. It was a breakfast buffet with all the “oritshiritsi” and I ate to my satisfaction or not . How could I eat to my satisfaction eh, when all these women kept looking at me and scrutinizing my plate , I had to hand pick the eggs . The program went very well and I had a great time. Shortly after, I headed to my dance rehearsals .

I got home at about 3 pm and slept off swiftly without noticing the brewing hunger in my stomach. I woke up by 6 pm a little bit hungry and ate only one sweet moi-moi o, only one! no garri to augment nothing whatsoever. Meanwhile, my mother had made plenty amala and ogbono soup with the hope that we would finish it all. Being the DJ food selector that I am , I refused to eat it . ” Itohan , won’t you eat amala? No!” The No was resounding , she asked again ” Itohan , won’t you eat amala? again I said NO!, I don’t want amala, besides there is okro in the soup so no. I ate moi-moi .”  “E be like say you chop well well where you go….” she said . I blatantly ignored and continued browsing on my laptop.

At exactly 12:24am , my stomach started singing miemie noddle song ” there’s a rumbling in my stomach doing boom-ba-da-boom-ba-da-boom.” I was confused , what was going on here? My world was spinning under my feet. I went into the fridge for comfort but nothing was appealing enough to quench this hunger. I looked up to the ceiling , bhet no help was forth coming. I went into the parlor trembling , all I could hear in my heart was AMALA….. it kept echoing until the taste was real in my mouth …. Oh no! the rejected stone ….

I bowed my head in shame as I walked into the kitchen. I headed straight for the pot of amala and ogbono soup, it looked like  Chinese special fried rice and grilled chicken. I microwaved it for one second and rushed to the parlor. I ate  it with all my heart and defiled my fitfam  “who fitfam epp. ” Just as I thought I had gotten away with my shameless act, I heard a voice ” you haven’t slept? ” , she took a closer look at me and laughed !!! Chai, I will not hear the last of this oooo.  It is exactly 1:40 am , let me go to bed and brace up for the ridicule at dawn.

My very LONG road trip

We got to the park as early as six am. I have been dreading this trip since the day I learnt that the wedding was in akwaibom. Hmmmm, a whole ten hour journey mhennnnnn by road!. Anyway​ , we boarded and started the journey. Just as we were about turning into Abraham adesanya roundabout, the bus broke down in a pool of stagnant water. That was the beginning of my crankiness. The “area boys” around were happy because it meant free money for them for doing absolutely nothing . As a matter of fact, they refused to allow the transport company fix the ditch because it was a source of income for them. We sat in the bus for about thirty five minutes while the driver went back to the it park to seek help. All the while we sat, not one person from their customer care unit called or came to pacify us, customer service in this country is so dead….. I stood there thinking of how to drag them in the mud for this dastardly act, so I took to my Twitter and called them out big time. I was glad I did because the response thereafter was swift. We offloaded into another bus and began our journey.

The journey through Epe was quite smooth regardless of the ongoing  road  construction. wW made a brief stop shortly after Ijebu-ode for quality control . I am drafting this post on the move out if of boredom, I don’t even know where we are at the moment.  I need to sleep ” jere “,I’ll continue​ writing when I wake up . Wow !Ore already…. I bought banana and groundnut at my own risk. The driver turned on the TV after much shouting and resistance He inserted a disk with Nigerian movies. I couldn’t believe that people actually sat down to script this  movie , itnwas an eye sore, very disgusting and disturbing. As if that was not enough, he changed the CD to a comedy series , that was even worse. It was so dry that I started laughing. I don’t even know what to do with myself I’m just sitting and staring at the road . Benin seems so far though​, I actually hate traveling but love the idea of being in a new place. The process is just stressful be it road or air. It’s  been four years since I traveled .

Yayyy! Edo state at last. I never knew how big it was until now , that state is massive with lots and lots of green land. It’s  unlike Lagos State. Ahah, see women riding okada o, mostly fat woman . Shuu​! Loll….this feels really strange and funny lollll…. Just imagine the sight , women in wrapper and hair net with bathroom slippers rinding okada , with breeze blowing out their blouses  like Superman. “ Mummy where are we? , Agbor “. Na wa ooooo , na so-so  bike dem dey ride for agbor?” See another one oo loll. Anyways , I’m wide awake now. We just arrived Asaba, oh wow! lovely landscape. Nigeria is so blessed, our topology is so beautiful. On a second thought , I just might travel more at least to see more of my country. The trip isn’t  bad as I thought it would be , but I will definitely get a massage once I step into Lagos for one hour. The official cab color in Asaba is blue and white. The environment is quite serene reminds me a lot of Benin City. I can imagine how massive Bendel state was before it was split, must have been easily the biggest state in the south I guess. I can see the Niger bridge wow! This is so fascinating really, I should travel by road more often . Omg! we are on Nigeria bridge heading towards Onitsha.. .

Ndewonu oooooooi! Anambra state . So I’m officially in the east for the first time in my life yeaahhhh!!!!!!This place is fine, neat and lovely at least the places I am seeing o. Their official bus color is yellow and white , but looks like silver to me . We sill have two or more states to go, Imo and Abia whew! So far, I think Lagos is about the only state with so many fly overs , I guess it is because of the large water mass. Oboi! ” Anambra plenty o”, we are still driving hian  . Imo state Ndewonu ooooooo. “Dazzol “, I don’t have the energy to write an epistle, it’s a beautiful place , NEXT…. Ok , I said I wasn’t going to write anything about Imo state but I just cannot resist. All the roads are good , and properly tarred . I learnt that they were very bad as at two years ago. Weldone ROCHAS OKOROCHA….

What’s this? bad road and dirty everywhere,in-fact this road is an eye sore and it spans all the way down to the end. What state is this self? ABIA!!!!!😝😕😟😱. OH WOW, what a shame. Far cry from all other state yuk!!!!! Abeg I will not waste my time writing about this state . All I can say is NO ROAD!!! . Ewo , what is this I feel , oh God no , my stomach “abeg na” . I knew this was going to happen after finishing half a bunch of banana and groundnut , have mercy Lord . You know there’s this trick  we used to do as children, when ever you feel pressed just rub your navel with saliva, and you feel better , sounds funny but it has been working from childhood till now now, I just did it and I feel pressed no more 😂. One of my life hacks……hmmmmm we are still in Abia o, this is 8:02pm the road is soooo bad 😖😞😟.We are 20 mins away from ikot-ekpene and just passed the last check point. Umuahia roads shaaaaa, hmm it is well.

Finally!!!! Ikot ekpene​ at last. “Adonbelieveit!”, so I did this trip ? Wonderment . Hmmm , this is 8:30 on the dot. This was an out of body experience, I’m yet to come to reality .If there’s​ anything like ROAD TRIP LAG I have it right now. All  want now is to get to my hotel room and sleep, I will write about ikot ekpene tomorrow. Thanks for riding with moi.. XOXO .

I know I promised to write about ikot ekpene, “I no gree see eye for that one at all”, I was super tired and grew  darker . Gosh , I didn’t know stress made me dark until this weekend , I didn’t even take any pictures. Anyways, thank God the wedding went very well both traditional white wedding. The church service was one funny event , I felt I was in a scene from one old Nollywood movie Lol.  It was an apostolic church , I cannot go into the details of that service at all because this post is already long enough.

We are already on our way back to Lagos and the journey seems shorter than when we were coming. Meanwhile, my seat mate is giving me course for concern …..oh noo she wants to eat!!!!!! She’s a light  skinned lady probably in her mid forties , she may be younger I dunno , she’s on the big side , so big that her bumbum is spilling into my side of the seat.” She just sit down like one chief and I don’t even know hot to tell her to adjust ” it’so annoying… Firstly, she started by coughing with her mouth wide open and few minutes later I started coughing just imagine . Now she’s eating hot rice I just hope she will not end up dozing on my body.

What’s that foul smell, oh my , you see why I was panicking when she started eating? and we have 4 hours to go. This woman is just having a blast at my expense abi, if I do my own eh hennnnn, somebody should warn her o. We are in Edo state now that’s about​ four hours to go, this trip was quite fast though, i cannot wait to get home, she is still farting oh God! Ajah at last!!! Freedom !!!!, meanwhile she farted till she alighted it is well. Even though it was a fairly smooth journey , i never want to experience it again gosh!!!!! this is a onc ein a life time experience.





She looked so beautiful and happy on her bridal shower . We started preparing about two months to the wedding and she loved loved it. “Madam, where are you now?” . My anxiety level increased as soon as i saw the message from Morin. I could not concentrate on my work , but I knew the consequence of not completing my work on Thursday night , the mere thought of missing the traditional wedding on Friday made me sick. Though work almost dampened my Thursday night but I was able to pull through.

The bridal shower was soooooo beautiful, the venue was serene with a very soothing ambiance. We played lots and lots of games, discussed, had so much fun , and just then , I realized how much of life I have been missing out on. If I am not at the office , I am in church , no time to hang out and chill with girlfriends and all… Life is not that difficult you know, but living in Lagos can pull a fast one on you, before you know its December again  and the vicious cycle restarts.

Ah ! the food was heavenly….Bhet those people are stingy ahan… they brought only four small bowls of rice for 16 adult hungry ladies, na wa for Lagos. Though we had some sides to it “bhet you know na, rice na the main thing”, well sha I  just managed mine “use laff and happiness cover the rest”.

Overall, it was a great night out for me and I look forward to spending more nights out with my girlfriends…..

Gone Baby Girl xoxo…

My eyes were watery. “This is so emotional” , my friend NY could not hide the bucket of tears that welled up in her eyes. But as a badt guy, I tried to hide mine lollll….. . There was just something about the way they danced, you could tell they were friends that actually loved each other for real. Na wa o, just like that!, my Ejima is already a MRS…… it was indeed the happiest day of her life and I was glad to part and parcel of her special day.

We departed from Ojota park to Abeokuta on Thursday evening. I was shocked to see how serene and beautiful Abeokuta was. The hills were unending with green pastures, the view was a sight to behold and the landscape was similar to  Alausa in Lagos. That said, we settled into our rooms and started preparing for the wedding on Saturday. It was a one day wedding and I was meant to do her hair and makeup. We prepped her hair overnight and tied it with a scarf.  “Tope ,wake up its 5 o’clock”. She had a bathe and started her makeup. In all honesty, I was scared while making her up, firstly, she had gone a bit darker and the foundation I thought would match wasn’t exactly her color, secondly, I forgot her powder shade in Lagos…. “E don happen”, and she did not bring her makeup bag. I tried to stay calm and started with her eyes.  All I could think of was how to make her look beautiful. To complicate issues, there was no natural light coming into the room because the day was still very dark, “at least with that , I would have been able to control  the foundation application effectively” , I thought. I applied the foundation and powder by faith loll “ my dear girl sat down with all the confidence in the world , only if  she  knew” . “ No one is commenting  on this makeup, I don buy market today o God, is it that bad?” I thought to myself. Anyway, I finished and did what I had to do, I committed it all to the hands of the almighty , bhet I was still in serious doubt about the outcome even though I comported myself very  well.

“Awwww, Iyawo, this is beautifulllll….. I love this makeup”. Ehennn… now we are talking , someborri can finally see lollll, that was my turning point, I regained confidence . You see, as a makeup artist, when the room is in dead silence or filled with strange sounds of whispers, be very very worried because you don buy market, you have repainted the brides destiny lollll…… . The photo sessions were awesome, Tope totally killed  it ! One last thing, if the photographer takes a shot and doesn’t make any comment on your work, hahahaha that one eh ….. hmmm you are finished! All was well now , it was time to head to the venue for the engagement. “Friends of the bride walk behind her”, we gathered round her and graced the occasion. She danced gracefully and beautifully, kai, I was getting so emotional sha and I had no idea why. My emotions were all over the place, she looked so beautiful in her white aso-oke. I began to reminisce on our days in the choir, how we stood side by side on stage every Sunday, how we looked at each other when we heard an off key lollll… It all dawned on me that those days may never come back….. she’s married now and gone to another church…… But the assurance that our friendship was more than singing together in the choir gave me peace, it was not one bound to end as a result of change in marital status, true friendships are resilient and are not affected by separation or change in status. She changed into her EDO attire swiftly and I quickly changed her hair style. The transformation was amazing, she looked even more beautiful and graceful.

Thank God! The first phase was over. We rushed back to the hotel to prepare for the white wedding. I never knew I had super powers , I still cannot figure out how I managed to change her hair style and adjust her makeup within 20 mins. What! In fact , I just resolved  that one day wedding, I no go do o! I salute all brides to be that have done one day wedding ! The stress no be here. “You will be in charge of the floor, I want you to coordinate the food”.Tope had informed me about this ahead of time . I knew that was a mission impossible but I did not argue. Lo and behold , when I got to the reception , an army of women first hijacked the serving , omo mhen I was lost , I gave up . Though I tried to take control bhet I knew I was fighting a lost battle. I did the little I could and sat down  jejeli loll but in the end,we all ate till we were filled.

My eyes were watery again. What’s going on with me , why was I moved to tears during the father -daughter dance  “This is so emotional” , my friend NY could not hide the bucket of tears that welled up in her eyes. Maybe I was emotional because I knew it was something I would never get to experience with my own Dad, or maybe the reality of leaving her parents and starting a new life with her husband dawned on me , and that will be me one day ….. . The wedding was a success and I thank God I was a part of it. HAPPY MARRIED LIFE MY EJIMA “TOPE”.

That was the sweet part of the whole story  .Now , on our way back to lagos, a friend of NY’s drove and passed through one nollywood apian way. My heart was in my mouth. Who send this guy na to pass through Ijebuode to Epe? Who send you message. All we saw were bushes, no single car on the path and the road was almost sliced into two…. “Why didn’t you go through begger?, there will be traffic”. Gosh I was so pissed, I would rather the traffic than this path. The ride was so bumpy and nasty. I thought I was going sleep all through the journey, o boi, sleep ran o. I was in an excited state until we arrived at Epe junction, lollll…. Home at last. We drove all through to Aja and I got home in one piece.


Note to self: Where do I start from? There are over 50 posts on this blog😣…

Out of boredom, I decided to read through some of my blog posts. I could not believe my eyes😯 gramatical and spelling errors here and there😢😰. I never actually took my time to read through thoroughly, I draft as it comes ,glance through and publish just like that o, like nollywood movie before before😁.

This was not meant to be a post though but I think we can all relate with this. Most of us do not pay attention to the little details in our lives, we tend to take them for granted because we think no one would ever notice…..I knew some posts had errors but I never had the time to read again, once I hit the publish button , that is it”(or maybe I did have time but chose think it was not that important”).

I never did take my posts too seriously hence I never felt the need to spend time reading through until I got this message from one of our Pastors : 

“Can I be your editor…there were a few spelling errors….I won’t charge you for the first two 😄😄”

Though it was a joke but the message was well received. 

Sometimes you think people are not watching or  paying attention to what you do until they jokinly tell u”You have mouth odour”. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, do not overlook those little foxes, fix them now before people start addressing you by it…

Just my thoughts for the night (“NEPA inspired me, else  why would I go through my old posts”)😡.Hope no errors on this o🙈.

Now You See Me,Now You Don’t


This time seven years ago, my eyes were still swollen from all the tears I cried earlier in the day. We woke up that morning ready to go to the hospital as usual to visit Daddy. When we got into his room, he was fast asleep but something was not right. He never slept deep, he woke up at the slightest move , but on that fateful day he did not feel our presence in the room.

We stood there staring at him as he tried breathing through his mouth , little did we know that they were his few last breaths. The doctors asked us to step out , I went to a friends house close by to pass time with the intention of going back later in the day to check up on him.

“Itohan come home!”. The first thing that crossed my mind when my cousins call came in was that my Dad had passed…. My cousin hardly called me for anything , we were not that close so why would she call and ask me to come home. “Why?” I asked .” Daddy has been discharged , he is back home” . My heart immediately sunk because I knew the worst had happened.

I had thought of the possibility of losing my Father while he was ill, but the reality of actually losing him never dawned on me. I sighted a lot of cars parked in front of the house and then I was sure the worst had happened …. It was like an out of body experience, an expensive joke and a dream….I could not cry because I was numb, is it by force to cry? Little did I know that the tears to come would make an ocean.As I stepped out of the room, I saw a condolence register  next to his portrait….I grabbed the picture and flung the register , “how could they do this now, the news just broke…gosh! “….

The morning after, I walked into his room expecting to see him in bed asking me what I would like to eat, yes as old as I was my father would ask me what I wanted to eat ….As a child he never came back from work without a piece of toy or snack for me, and ask how many people beat me at home lol…..I cried and cried my eyes out , staring at his shoes, perfumes, clothes, wrist watches and his giant black bible . All my childhood memories poured in like an ocean and overwhelmed me , I could not believe it he was gone for real, gone forever, the pain was heart wrenching and devastating.

Hearing members of my family make arrangement for the the burial was like an out of body experience, I could not believe it was my Daddy they were referring to. Going through that experience exposed true characters of relatives , ” If it is not your mother or father do not expect to be treated like a king” except in very rare cases. Losing a parent is one of the worst feelings ever , especially at a young age . Gradually , I picked up the pieces and moved on with life, though one or two experiences reminds me of the importance of having “YOUR OWN FATHER”. My Father was very kind, generous, selfless and very intelligent . Doctor as he was popularly called.

I cried everyday until the burial. I will never forget that day, I remember all the events from Friday through Sunday. I remember everything… is well. I cried so much that I could not cry on the interment , I just stood there looking while he was laid to rest. Numb and blank I watched my Daddy lowered into the ground. Finally , it was all over, no more pain , no more …….”Life is so short” sounds so cliche right? But it is true . Life has taught me to make hay while the sun shines, to take risks while I still can, to move in the midst of fear and to be prepaid and ready to fail , because a failure is not someone who fails, but one who fails and never tries again.

Its been seven years and it still feels like yesterday….continue to REST IN PERFECT PEACE DEAR DADDY….

No earthly man alive can wear your shoes ……..

Love Always😭😔😘

Don’t say hi to me…

I sighted her from afar selling popcorn at the  Palms, she looked exactly thesame well.. mayb a little older . While I stood in the queue waiting to buy popcorn , she was too busy to notice me . ” should i say hi? ” I kept contemplating, going back and forth in my head….

Rewind some years back……..” hi ! Can’t you remember me? Its me now ! Itohan Eregie from so and so …….bla bla bla” and a cold ” hi , sorry I can’t remember “or just a mere weak forced pleasantry. Though it was such a humiliating experience, I never learnt my lesson. I repeated the same scene with the same level of excitemet at the mere sight of an old friend or acquitance….. hmmmm . I ask my self over and over again why old friends behave that way? No one is asking you for money or number just be nice and pleasant dazzol! 

I get so excited each time I see an old friend or acquintance and quickly walk up to them to introduce myself . Is that a bad thing? Maybe I guess… So lately, I decided to say put and cut that excitement, if they see me and feel the need to be remembered fine else its all good. Not a good thing but hey…….

Anyway,  I got my popcorn and walked away… i’ll never know how she would have reacted , though it felt wrong , I quickly forgave myself just by the thought of a possible  embarassment . Back to my movie (By the way, I drafted this in the cinema , apologies for any typos, I shall review after my movie xoxo…)

My big plus 1

I woke up hoping to feel different while waiting for some magical transition into my new age. Nothing happened . Is this what turning 30 feels like? No supernatural transition? Wow….just like that? I dressed up to work looking uncoordinated , the reality of turning 30 still hadn’t sunk in.I had the most fun with my colleagues while we sat through a training session from 9am through 5 pm.  My phone rang endlessly,  I received tons of messages from friends from all nuke and cranny of social media .People updated their dp ‘s with different pictures of me, I got messages from friends I hadnt heard from in ages. It really felt good to know people still cared enough to wish me a happy birthday at least. 

“Where the parry at?”. That was the question of the day. Everyone expected a grand event of some sort to mark the “BIG 30” But for some reason I felt indifferent . I wasn’t interested in throwing a party just because……or hanging out on Friday night , all I wanted was to go home , do some sober reflection and reminisce on my life’s journey so far. I took a trip down memory lane …….how as a teenager I had no worries , issues , burdens etc , how I walked through the estate  with my friend Medina wearing different legs of “bathroom slippers ” , laughing and having fun, how I spent half of my day at Christy’s house talking about the future (which is now reality), how I met my dear friend Tobi in teens church and attended every youth camp, how in SS3 I fooled around with my friend Egbe, Pamela ,Eunice aka U.U , how Kismat and I mimed to Linkin Park and Avril Lavins (not sure of the spelling) songs on our way home from a levels, my silly arguements with Chike lolll…..and many more fun memories. Though I miss those silly carefree days, I am very grateful for where I am. I had friends through  my teenage years and 20’s. Some are still friends till this day while others are ” well , living their lives”. As I grew older, I understood that some friends are  sufficient for a season and when they let go do not push it…. because holding unto the old may blind you to what lies in front of you.

Being a teenager was one of my life’s best experience,  but these days ,teenagers are so eager to grow up. I also remember turning 20, then 21 ……..I felt bring in my 20’s was the beginning and end of life loll. My 20’s brought it’s own experiences ,as as matter of fact I developed character, built relationships and discovered myself in my 20’s.  While I made some friend in my teens, I equally made some wonderful friends during my 20’s, some in the early part while others late.Friends that were part of some of the toughest times , I cannot begin to list any names “otherwise this post no go end”. I took several risks” although I think they were not enough (so risk continues lol…)” ,I got burnt several times and learnt from my bad experiences. 20’s was quite interesting , I loved and lived every bit of it  my own way.

You know how you make projections in your early 20’s and hope to have achieved certain milestones by 30? Food for thought………….

I cannot say I have arrived , but I can definitely state that I have no regrets so far.  I am grateful for the things I  achieved and let go of the past, my best days are ahead of me. Some people get stuck in Secondary school and University  experience and hold unto old memories and past glories. Let go and make new ones, you cannot change the past but you can influence the future. Turning 30 doesn’t come with automatic wisdom and maturity, for me it’s the beginning of another journey through which I hope to mature , grow and experience life to the fullest….. it is not  sentence to a boring life (I cannot start behaving like mature aunty na, e no gel na, neither will I try to dress like a teenager….) . I have been waiting for that moment to fully accept and embrace this new gift , I HAVE !!! I am very grateful to God and honoured to start a whole new experience through life. It doesn’t mean changeing who I am completely, but improve on the person I have become.I feel fulfilled , happy and with no regrets at all……..New experiences await Moisturizes!!!…

30 is the new 21!